Does a chef grow his own cabbage?

When you go to a restaurant, the overall experience counts but the main thing is that the food tastes great. The chef has to know his stuff and although the tools he uses are important, it’s how they get used that make the difference.

In terms of ingredients, you expect these to be top notch but would you think he grew his own cabbage, (or lettuce, cucumber, onions etc) – unless it really did make a difference to do so, (unlikely), what you would hope is that the restaurant is sourcing the finest ingredients and on the constant lookout to improve these – also constantly watching out for new ingredients to improve your experience.

Would you believe that in the Web Design business there are still many companies that grow their own cabbages, raise their own chickens and forge their own cutlery with the message that this is the only way you can truly get a bespoke solution – it’s rhubarb; and guess who pays the price!

Here at Created In Bath we source the finest tools and components to build your unique website in the shortest possible timeframe and at the most affordable price. Our open approach means we can also look out for innovations from across the world.

Do you really think that a restaurant that grew it’s own cabbages and made its own saucepans would be in business for long, they would have to be very special cabbages and magical saucepans!

Bon appétit …

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