Our approach ensures that your online marketing is inline with your overall business goals and strategy. We offer a unique bundle of email, social media and search engine services to ensure the right mix is applied for your individual circumstance



We can provide a range of services across the main social networks twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ via tweetsme our own branded service  


Created In Bath Tweetsme Service



Our core product in this area enables you to flex each month the focus of your online marketing efforts to ensure that any necessary boost is applied in the area which will gain most return

Essential to ensuring the success of your investment

Website Growth

Growing your business on the web is essential to ensuring the success of your investment. We work closely with you to keep you ahead of the competition, whether it is increasing conversion rates, or getting more traffic to your site, the possibility for growth is limitless

At Created in Bath we have an exceptional record and many years of experience in website optimisation and marketing.


Increasing the traffic to your business is the most beneficial way to increase enquiries and conversions. With a shared enthusiasm for the success of your business we will help you to reach the top spot on Google and other search engines, by using the latest techniques and technologies available.

Link building
Content optimisation
Competitor research
Keyword/Search term analysis
Valid and semantic code
A/B Testing

We report back to you on a monthly basis with the latest statistics, the work carried out and our suggestions on how to grow your business. Our packages are flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

An effective medium to keep your customers up to date

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective medium to keep your customers up to date without relying on traffic coming into your website.

We can manage email campaign’s for mass mailing to 1000’s of subscribers, including the design, testing and deployment of you mail-out. We use dedicated software to handle subscriptions, dead addresses and to make sure that your email is delivered looking exactly as expected regardless of the subscribers email software

If your mailing list has grown larger than your current software, such as outlook, is capable of dealing with, we can help you to move your data into our system.

We report back to you with various statistics from each campaign such as the amount of subscribers that opened the email, clicked the links, and the conversions that were made.


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