Every picture tells a story – How long do your website photos have to tell yours?

We all know that websites need to be visually stunning, especially if you believe function is nothing without beauty.


We all know the proverb a picture paints a thousand words and the expression every picture tells a story, this got us thinking do we all see the same story?


How long do we allocate to an image before making a judgement about its message?


We tried this test in the office and the responses were surprising. Try it yourself.


Above is an original untouched Created in Bath photo – take a three second look and try to date it.


At a 3 second glance did you guess the1950s, 40s or even the depressed 1930s?
All wrong!

… take a longer look

Hard to believe at first glance I know but this is affluent Bristol 2013

How long do your website photos have to tell your story?